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If you are looking for a custom box, Palmer Packaging can design, produce, inventory and ship your product to you in a very timely fashion. Our on-site design department can help you develop new printing on your carton, or help you to redesign an existing box to better protect your product.

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Honeycomb Corrugated


Honeycomb is a rugged, cost-effective, custom-engineered kraft paper material that has proven ideal for many uses, including packaging, pallets, dunnage, furniture inner structures and signage displays.

Honeycomb is made by joining individual bands of kraft paper together into a series of continuous hexagonal cells. In most cases, the cells are faced on both sides with similar materials to create what is, ounce for ounce, the strongest product known.

Honeycomb works on the I-beam principle. The facing of the panel acts as the flange of the I-beam and the core as its web. The flange carries the tension and the compression across the surface of the panel. The web holds the flanges together in proper order.

Honeycomb Die-Cut
Honeycomb DieCut
Honeycomb Cookie Cut
Cookie Cut Honeycomb
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A die-cut is made by producing panels with holes that are cut completely through in practically any shape or thickness. Die-cut panels can be either glued to a flat panel to create a tray for bulk packing or used to surround an item for inner packing.
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A cookie-cut is made by creating a slit in both of the facing papers and a portion of the core, leaving the panel held together by the uncut center core. Runners and small inner pieces can be created this way, making them easier to handle and allowing them to be separated easily by gently pulling each piece apart as needed.
Honeycomb Reverse Slit
Honeycomb PSA
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A reverse slit score is made by cutting through one facing paper and through the core material, and then by cutting the opposite facing paper at another location to create a fan folding effect in the panel. A single slit score is produced by cutting through one facing paper and the entire core, leaving the other facing paper intact to create a folding hinge in the panel.
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A high tack adhesive is applied to one side of a honeycomb panel and covered with a release paper. The paper is removed by the end-user, who can then apply to a surface. The panel is typically used as a block support in pallets or inner packaging.

Call our sales department at (630) 628-6500 for more information about the corrugated Honeycomb products.
Also available Honeycomb pallets.
Kraft Paper Dispenser
with Paper Crumpler

  • Unique Device Quickly and Easily Crumples Paper
  • Built-In Cut-Off Blade for Fast and Effective Packaging
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Works with All Types of Paper, Including Kraft, Newsprint, and Bogus Paper
  • Roll-Width Capacity Up To 24”

    MFG Code: EP-5950
    Mounts on Table Tops and Workstations
    MFG Code: EP-5955
    Mounts on Walls and Vertical Surfaces
Click Here to view video

Stretch Film Roping Applicator

Start out with basic stretch-film
Switch to the roper in one, easy step
Wrap loads and secure to the pallet with one easy, affordable tool.
Contact our sales department and ask about the Encore EP-890 View Video