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Corrugated Boxes - Custom & Stock Corrugated Boxes

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Printer Boxes - Cube Style - Keg Cartons - Multi Depth - Pallet Box

First, a little vocabulary lesson. The wavy paper inside the corrugated board is called the corrugating medium. The flat sheets on the outside are called liners.

Liner paperboard can be a natural brown color, mottled white, or all white. Most is made with about 35 percent recycled fiber, but recycled content can be up to 100 percent.

There are standard sizes of flutes, the ridges in the corrugated medium. Some corrugated boards have small numbers of very large flutes; others have higher numbers of very small flutes. The use of the box determines which flute style is best.

Corrugated Singleface Roll

A single liner, glued to corrugating medium, creates singleface corrugated board. This flexible material is sometimes used to cushion items such as light bulbs. View Stocked Sizes

Corrugating medium glued between two flat liners forms a single wall corrugated board. Most of the boxes we see every day are made of this material, and in fact about 90 percent of corrugated board is single wall.

View our stocked sizes by selecting the length size.
4-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-23 24-29 30-48

Double Wall Corrugated Box Adding another corrugating medium and a third flat liner creates a double wall corrugated board. Stronger than the single wall board, it’s also heavier and more expensive. Furniture, appliances and products such as nails, meat, and bulk peanuts are packed in boxes made from double wall corrugated board
View Stocked Sizes
Triple Wall Corugated

There are also triple wall corrugated boards, big tough boards with three layers of corrugating medium and four flat liners, used for very large or very heavy products. Contact us for free quotes

Linerboard Performance Standards
Max Wt. Box/Contents
Min. Burst Test
Single/Double Wall
(lbs. per sq. in.)*
Min. Edge Crush Test (ECT)
(lbs. per in. width)
Single Wall Corrugated Boxes
20 125 23
35 150 26
50 175 29
65 200 32
80 250 40
95 275 44
120 350 55
Double Wall Corrugated Boxes
80 200 42
100 275 48
120 350 51
140 400 61
160 500 71
180 600 82
Triple Wall Corrugated Boxes
240 700 67
260 900 80
280 1100 90
300 1300 112


* Minimum puncture test, Triple Wall board (in. oz. per in. of tear)


Select by length size or type
4-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-23 24-36
Printer Boxes - Cube Style - Keg Cartons - Multi Depth - Pallet Box