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Foam-in-place systems create instant custom protective packaging. Custom foam in place packaging is a snap with Storopack’s FOAMplus®.

  • The FOAMplus® Bag Packer is a foam-in-bag system. Fill up to 23 bags per minute to pre-form foam packaging materials in a mold, or to place directly into the shipping carton.
  • The FOAMplus® Hand Packer works with a hand-held gun to dispense foam directly into the shipping carton or into a wooden mold using a liner. Click here for Brochure
Foamplus Bag Packer


Quickly create foam padding that contours to your products at the touch of a button with the FOAMplus® Bag Packer2.

  • Two film widths available
  • Set up offline at an individual packing station or inline on a conveyor
  • Floor-mounted system in height-adjustable with add-on table
  • Table model available
  • 15 gallon, 55 gallon and 275 gallon chemical supply


Storopack's FOAMplus®Bag Packer is a foam-in-bag system that saves time and money by providing economical, efficient and secure protection for products of virtually any size, shape or weight.

  • Produces 23 foam-filled bags per minute at the touch of a button.
  • Operator can easily change bag sizes and foam-fill amounts based on the packaging requirements.
  • Easy-to-use programmable controller cuts waste, improves efficiency and simplifies operator training.
  • Store settings for up to six different bag sizes with varying degrees of foam-fill amounts.
  • Self-cleaning gun and robust design keep maintenance costs down.


One of the fastest foam-packaging systems available, Storopack's FOAMplus® HAND PACKER is a hand-held direct-foam system designed to speed up the packing process without sacrificing quality.

  • Fully electronic microprocessor controls maintain consistency
  • Speeds up the packing process without sacrificing quality
  • Self-diagnostic software keeps system working smoothly and effectively
  • Self-cleaning gun keeps maintenance costs down.

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